Why SMBs Should Consider Desktop Virtualization

Staying contemporary with IT Technology is a constant pain for any organization and especially when you have limited budget. With increasing number of desktops & Laptops, it is becoming burden for IT personals in companies, as they have to work on to maintain, update and persistently replace outdated IT technologies. As current IT technology is expensive, providing every employee a PC is becoming far impracticable for SMB’s because budgets are limited and companies are forced to do more with less.

That is where, virtualization comes into light. Virtualization was considered of as something that only larger companies can afford. But this innovation leading to straight cost savings to SMB & educational institution, and today companies with limited budgets are enjoying benefits from going virtual. For IT administrators, this means a more centralized, efficient client environment that is easier to maintain and able to respond more quickly to the changing needs of the user and business.

Most basic virtualization technology is “Desktop Virtualization”, is about moving your desktop session and hosting it on a server, from where you can access it. IT creates a single “Core” image of the OS on a server. Each user takes advantage of the same core image. So, in effect, IT manages only a single image, not hundreds or thousands.  The performance and appearance of Virtual Hosted Desktops and locally-installed operating systems are identical. Virtual Desktops support any Windows-compatible applications.

Advantages of using desktop virtualization

  • Manages one core desktop OS, reducing the number of operating systems to maintain and reduced OS licensing costs.
  • Easier to manage desktop environments
  • Increased security and data protection
  • Improved backup and disaster recovery
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Reduced ongoing capital expenditures
  • Go Green – Build “green” computer networks and produce less e-waste and reduce energy consumption.

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